All cables, all the time

erin cardigan 2_5_15

Now that a couple of test knitting projects have been completed, I can get back to blogging and I can get back to the pile of cabled goodness that sits in my knitting basket. Up top is the Erin Cardigan from Kate Gagnon Osborn. I’ve been knitting this thing off and on for a while now and I’m not bored at all. I mat be transitioning from a product knitter to a process knitter. There’s something about the pattern that’s so intuitive and fluid, and the Mountain Meadow Wool Cody I’m using to knit it is simply amazing. It’s not too stiff, but it’s a yarn with body and character. It’s yarn with a capital “Y” as Kate would say. Even though I’m not using the called-for Savannah, I wouldn’t be surprised if I knit one in that yarn later on down the line, and I rarely knit the same thing twice.


Woodsmoke is an amazing color, but the Pink Grapefruit is more up my bright, eye-popping alley.

The next thing I’ll finish is most likely going to be Matt’s Timberline sweater. The Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd’s Worsted is officially my go-to worsted weight yarn. Cascade 220 has a soft spot in the hearts of a lot of knitters, but it’s not that great when it comes to wear for me. It pills and starts to look a bit shabby too soon after finishing the project.

timberline collar

ANYWAY, the sweater. Leave it to me to get the cables memorized once I’ve finished the sleeves, fronts, and half the back. The cold weather in Philly and Kirsten’s progress on her Timberline has been prompting me to finish it. The encouraging hearts on Instagram make me wonder why I don’t join more knitalongs. The whole point of a KAL is that you’ll be more likely to finish a project if someone else is knitting it. Maybe I should make it a point to be more social with my knitting; join some KALs, maybe start a KAL, and just enjoy the process with friends a lot more.

A feature of this sweater that I almost forgot to mention is the button band. Nearly every cardigan I’ve knit has the button bands picked up and knit after you finish everything else. This is the second time in 10 years (when I started knitting again) that I’ve knit the band in order to seam it on later. It gives a clean finish to the edges and I love it. Maybe I should incorporate that in my next cardigan.

Speaking of next cardigans, I got more of the Shepherd Wool yarn, but this time I got the Fine. Deb offers great customer service and the yarn comes very quickly! I just knit up and washed a swatch and am getting 7.5 stitches and 9.5 rows on US2 in Stockinette.

shepherd fine swatch

(For the love of God, people, SWATCH. “Swatches lie!” Or…..or maybe you didn’t knit a big enough swatch and now your kid’s sweater is a POANG cozy.) So, now that I have an idea of what I’m getting, I can proceed with my great maniacal desire to knit a fingering-weight cabled cardigan. Einstein is credited as saying, “If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” Alright, Al, let’s do this!

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