Which bucket of worms to open?

It’s week 3 of the first course in my online college experience. The class is designed to get students used to not only going back to school, but doing so online. The coursework is not so bad, but the whole APA format of writing a paper will probably get on my nerves more than once this semester. The discussion forums are our primary method of communicating with classmates/instructors. We post at least once before Wednesday and need to have a total of 4 posts (initial/replies) by the end of the week. Having a conversation with someone is pretty easy, but I’m going to poke my eyes out at all of the grammatical errors and run-on sentences. If you have the opportunity to check your spelling, why don’t you do so? Anyway, we have a research paper due at the end of the course and we have some topics below from which to choose.

I have¬†no idea how these topics were decided upon, but I’m taking suggestions as to which one might be a good choice. I have to argue for or against a certain position, and I thought that the stem cell topic would for sure be the biggest powder keg, but the others could be fire starters, also. I can also suggest my own topic, but I’m drawing a blank at what I may want to discuss.¬†Anyone have thoughts/suggestions?


I’m in!

Recently, I made the decision to go back to school and get my degree. A little over 10 years ago, I was going to school and working full-time and burnout inevitably happened. It was rough, especially since I was paying for school by myself. Not completing my studies wasn’t a choice I made; my wallet made it for me.

I always knew I’d return, and I think that having my daughter helped give me the courage to live my life and be free of certain ideals that were placed upon me from estranged family members. I want her to see that whatever happens in life, you can always bounce back, you can always take action in regards to something. I called a local community college, but got no answer, and decided I didn’t want to go that route again since it was a different community college where I first floundered. I didn’t want that “lost in the sauce” feeling. So I called another university and started the process. It was important for me to call and not text or email or leave a message. I wanted for someone to sort of hold me to the commitment of enrollment. Getting in seemed to be the biggest hurdle, but the people at the registrar office are amazing. Yes, it’s their job to enroll me in school, but they carried the tone that let me know they earnestly wanted to help me.

So, I’m in! I start online classes towards the end of October. In the last post, I mentioned having lost my old laptop to a dead processor, but this week I headed to Best Buy and picked up a new one. Nothing too fancy, but good enough for classes and one that will last me for a bit.

I’m thinking of creating a blog just for school stuff. I might want to write about my experience this time around with a better measure of fortitude, with a husband and baby…..we’ll see. Any thoughts?