Leaf Peeper Bandit

This triangular scarf has a lot going for it. It’s the perfect size for blustery fall days when you want your neck toasty without too much bulk. It’ll also help you knit through your multi-colored sock yarn stash. The slipped stitches bring out a pop of solid color against the variegated background. A simple garter stitch edging lets the motif shine. And there’s no pooling! The original is knit in Schaefer Heather, but any sock-to-sport weight yarn will do.

Click  here to download the pattern


Row 9 should read: k3, slm, yo, k2, (C3R, k1); rep from to 2nd m, yo, slm, k1, slm, yo, ^(k1, C3L); rep from ^ to 2 sts before last m, k2, yo, slm, k3