My child will have an autumn sweater

I’m pretty excited about the fact that I finished a sweater for S this year. She’s almost 3, but wears clothes for kids twice her age. Her head? we’re not going to talk about that. I planned to knit a cabled pullover (or cardigan? I’m not sure) for her last year out of Acadia in Cranberry, but she grew out of that before I had a chance to get to the armhole bind off at the back.

This year, I kept it simple and it paid off!

p1edit p2edit

I named this one Perch. The ribbing gives her some growing room throughout the season, but the knitting was not monotonous. Well, it was, but in a rhythmic way. I can see myself doing the rare thing for me and knitting her another one when she grows out of this.

Be sure to pick out your Cumbria Fingering colorway, too!


Hexie Quilt is Finished!

THIS IS AMAZING! I smell a new project coming on.

Measured and Slow

Ta da! The hexie quilt is finally done!


The final tally was about 1500 hexagons, 4 spools of thread, and a million hours of sewing, but it was so worth it! It’s a mix of different fabrics from different companies, but there’s a whole lot of Michael Miller and Robert Kaufman in there. I’m really happy with the overall pattern (which was only half me; Mike and Aliya picked out the arrangement of the hexies), but I also love looking at the individual fabrics. As you can see, I used a lot of Just My Type.


I hand stitched the hexies together, and then quilted them with a decorative loop stitch. I wanted to reinforce the hand stitching so it would hold up to every day use, and the loops add a nice texture. I was asked to make it into a duvet cover instead of a traditional quilt, so…

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what to do

I’ve got a pile of knits, some going back to 2003 when I started knitting again. I don’t wear all of them, but I don’t want to rip any of it out to knit something else. For one thing, it’s unlikely that I’ll rip, rewind, and knit something else to be ready this season. On the other hand, I have an entire bin of hand knits that get washed and blocked every year and I don’t do anything with most of them. I mean, honestly, how many scarves can one person have?

Maybe I just need to suck it up and make a drop-off at the local thrift store. It has been predicted that Philly would get a colder winter this year in comparison to last year’s, but no one should need a dozen scarves. C’mon!