Which bucket of worms to open?

It’s week 3 of the first course in my online college experience. The class is designed to get students used to not only going back to school, but doing so online. The coursework is not so bad, but the whole APA format of writing a paper will probably get on my nerves more than once this semester. The discussion forums are our primary method of communicating with classmates/instructors. We post at least once before Wednesday and need to have a total of 4 posts (initial/replies) by the end of the week. Having a conversation with someone is pretty easy, but I’m going to poke my eyes out at all of the grammatical errors and run-on sentences. If you have the opportunity to check your spelling, why don’t you do so? Anyway, we have a research paper due at the end of the course and we have some topics below from which to choose.

I have no idea how these topics were decided upon, but I’m taking suggestions as to which one might be a good choice. I have to argue for or against a certain position, and I thought that the stem cell topic would for sure be the biggest powder keg, but the others could be fire starters, also. I can also suggest my own topic, but I’m drawing a blank at what I may want to discuss. Anyone have thoughts/suggestions?


School’s in session

School started for me this past Monday. So far, it’s going pretty well. Since so many people of varying computer proficiency and experience are taking online classes, the first course for anyone taking online courses is one to get the student acclimated to taking classes and utilizing the interface. We use Blackboard, which is pretty much the standard for online courses, and there’s a whole YouTube support channel, so it’s a piece of cake to get help if you need it.

There’s been a ton of icebreaker assignments and discussion questions. Our first unit’s discussion questions went from asking us about our major and our motivation for taking classes and jumped to asking us which movie/book/tv show we’d recommend and why. I accepted that context better than the job interview I once had, a group interview, that asked me what CD I would bring with me to a deserted island and why. This wasn’t for a job at a music store by the way. Funnily enough, I said “mix CD” for my answer and I was told that it wasn’t an acceptable answer.

A job interviewer thought it was professional enough to ask me to name a CD to take to an island, and had standards for what answers were god enough.

I didn’t take that job in case you were wondering.

I also finished up some secret test knitting and now we’re back to the regularly-scheduled program of “Jen knits everything in sight”.

I’m still plugging away at the back of my Erin cardigan in the Mountain Meadow Cody for the Fringe and Friends Knitalong. It’s listed as a DK, but could also function as a light worsted. These cables are so squishy and I can’t wait to wear it. The pattern is one that gets you into a groove once you get started, so it’s better for TV knitting than it looks. That is, unless I’m watching The Walking Dead. That show would have me knitting worsted weight at 10 stitches to the inch. Just when they’ve gotten out of the 8th frying pan, the group finds themselves in the fire. I guess I shouldn’t use those terms given what’s happened in the last season.

Purging has continued, but I haven’t found new homes for as many books/magazines as I would have liked. K has some new books to enjoy (her reaction at seeing In The Garden of Beasts in the box I gave to her, “Ooh, Nazis!”), but I’m putting some on my Amazon page, also. If you’re interested in any of them or know someone who might be, check them out. Whatever doesn’t sell will just get donated to the thrift store, and my yarn will go to Interim House. Check out their website and click the link that takes you to the Knitting Ladies’ page. Any knitters who have yarn to destash/donate might consider donating to them!