Books (and a camera!) for sale

I’ve still got some secret knitting that I can’t photograph or blog about, even though I want to elaborate. I can say that I’m enjoying what I’m knitting. I also can’t wait to get back to my Erin cardigan for the #fringeandfriendsknitalong.

You can read about the details here and it’s still not too late to join up if you want. There’s no deadline for the actual knitting, but you can be part of the contest and read posts from a great panel of experts until the end of October.

I also recently moved our bookshelf and cleared off my desk.

This is after I moved the bookcase out of the corner where it stood vertically, and before I put the books back on the shelves. It’s still a mess, but I’m getting ready for school. October 20th is closing in and I can’t wait! With that said, I have some books and a camera to get rid of. Check out what I’ve got here!

Off I go to do more secret knitting and the Sisyphean task of picking Cheerios off the carpet.


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