Fresh air, fresh perspective









Sometimes, when you get restless, you have to get out. Today, I decided to get S ready and we headed out to Forbidden Drive for a walk. She was such a peanut (and still is!) that we didn’t get a stroller because she couldn’t fit in it. I mean, we had to use her stuffed toys to prop her up in the cart whenever we went shopping. She finally got bigger and we got a jogging stroller, which gives us a lot more options for places to walk/jog/run.

It did a world of good for my mood since it was feeling like every bit of a Monday. Now, I can keep at it on some secret projects and on #blanketfort2014.

Side note: I’m posting this using the WordPress app, which isn’t bad, but my laptop processor just up and died. It was 3.5 years and I had a good run with it, but I need a new laptop since I’m GOING BACK TO SCHOOL! I’m quite excited, but a laptop is needed since I’m taking online classes. M and I are budgeting for a new one, but any help towards it would be more than you know. I took a few classes 10 years ago, but got burned out since I was working and putting myself through school. Returning to school to get my Bachelor’s Degree means a lot to me. Click here to help out!


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