WIP Wednesday



Today’s WIP Wednesday edition involves typing very quietly as to not wake S, and the beginnings of a new cross stitch project. Biscornu has been in the back of my mind, and it comes to the forefront every time I look at my sad little tomato pincushion. They have different sizes, but I think I have what is the smallest, measuring in at about 2″. The little green part that makes it look like a tomato is gone, so it now just looks like a red ball. No pictures; I don’t need to take a picture of a red ball. Really, I don’t.

Biscornu is the perfect project for me to combine my love of geometric shapes & designs, bright colors, and my need for a new place to stick my needles during color changes & breaks from stitching. The picture above is the back. and the front is what I hope to begin at least by Friday. I stopped working on the Once Upon A Time Sampler just until I finish this. Of course, I’ll probably have some other idea for another project (I do have some 32ct linen on my desk…hmmm), but I’ll have a cute accessory when all is said & done!


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