WIP Wednesday

Today is WIP Wednesday!


I’m still plugging away at the White Pine cardigan, and I’ve joined an informal Spring Cleaning KAL hosted by Ness from Bunnies & Bettas. The point is to finally finish those projects that have been lingering for one reason or another. I feel like every project I have is one that lingers, but I’m getting better at making time to knit. I think I cherish the free moments I have to craft/read/bake a lot more these days.



I’m still working on the body, but I’ve finished the decreases and have one increase coming up in a dozen rows or so. Then, it’s time to knock out the sleeves before joining them to the body for the caps to be knit raglan-style. Something about getting to the sleeve portion of a sweater (after you’ve knit the body as opposed to starting with the sleeves) makes the finish line a little brighter, a little closer. I can see myself wearing it and that spurs me on even more!

When I’m not knocking out rows on that, I’m still having fun with cross stitching. I have all of my floss wound and sorted by number according to the DMC color card, and I checked off the colors I already have so that I don’t buy what I don’t immediately need.


This looks like a lot of colors, but I have a couple hundred colors to go before I have all of the DMC colors. The fox is almost finished; I just have to finish the body and I’ll have pictures (and, hopefully, a pattern) soon!


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