Won’t you be my neighbor?

Blogging has been something I’ve done (sadly) off and on, but I feel compelled to write more. Becoming a mother is one of the reasons since it changes your perspective on things, and I want to share the changes & evolution of who I am as a person. Motherhood also changes your filter. Some things just aren’t that important to you anymore and other things become of the utmost value since you have a little one to consider. More and more, I am loving the person that’s emerging from the shift. Craft blogging has, and will be, at the forefront, but I’m going to try to balance that along with whatever else I might want to discuss.

Recently, I was tagged by the ever-talented Maura (who I miss so much!) to answer a few questions about myself. I almost said “ridiculously talented”, but it’s not at all ridiculous how much of a creative spark she has. 20140327-220134

The Liebster award was created to recognize & bring some attention to bloggers who have 500 followers or less. I thought for sure that Mo had more than 500 followers. Go see her blog and you’ll see why…it’s amazing! No, seriously, go. I’ll wait.

So anyways, the rules are…

  • answer the questions you were given
  • keep the ball rolling and nominate 11 NEW blogs with 500 followers or less (I went with the “500 followers or less” rule more so than how new the blog is)
  • post 11 questions for your nominees to answer
  •  tag your nominees and be sure to leave a comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been nominated

…and without further ado….

1. Why do you blog? I always loved writing and crafts, so when I began to knit & crochet again in 2003, it seemed like a natural thing to combine the two. I’ve always expressed myself a lot better in writing than through verbal conversations. That’s not to say that I can’t speak, but when I’m expressing a thought, I can make a connection from point A and point B. However, my point B is someone else’s point Q, and I lose them because I don’t explain the random connections I’ve automatically made in my head. It’s even worse if it involves an inside joke or event and I’m the only one who’s aware of it.

2. Where do you find your inspirations and materials? Anywhere and anything that catches my eye. Sometimes, it’s TV & movies; sometimes it’s going for a walk. Also, I think that people who are more creatively inclined have ideas for things that just get stuck in their brains and won’t/don’t come out until they’ve executed whatever they’ve been obsessing over.

3. What drives you outside of your blog pursuits? Learning & gathering information drives me whether it be through books, spending time with friends & family, documentaries, etc. I grew up in (what I now know was) a sheltered home, so the media wasn’t just entertainment for me. It was my source of information on any given topic. Ironically, I was taught to get all the facts before making a judgment. So, if something interests me, I find anything that references that particular topic and pore over it all until I understand that thing enough to tell someone else about it.

4. What’s the worst vacation experience you’ve ever had? I can’t think of any bad vacation moments of recent years, and if there were any bad ones in the past, I’ve blocked them out.

5. Favorite quick, weeknight dinner? Baked beans & sliced hot dogs over rice OR oven fried chicken wingettes with roasted red potatoes & veggies (brussel sprouts, carrots, whatever’s in season).

6. How do you take your coffee? OFTEN, but more specifically I like to put 2 teaspoons of raw sugar unless it has vanilla syrup (my favorite flavored syrup) and enough cream to look slightly darker than a paper lunch bag. If I’m going for a Starbucks run, however, I get a half-caf triple grande vanilla soy latte.

7. Favorite blog? For design & crafts, it’s pretty cool to see what Maura makes. For vocabulary stimulation and a humorous and thought-provoking view on everyday happenings, I look to Danita. At least once a day I visit my favorite natural hair blog for inspiration, information, and the motivation to not chemically straighten my ‘fro and keep it healthy.

8. If you could eliminate one thing from your daily schedule, what would it be? The amount of time it takes to get myself and another person ready to go out now. It was twice as rough when I had to go anywhere during this crazy, snow-filled winter since I had to dress a small, squirmy person as well as myself. If I could blink the two of us ready, bundled, and in the car, life would be SWEET!

9. What does ‘being creative’ mean to you? “Being creative” means that you embrace whatever gift you have and use that to make something, anything. I think that everyone has some ability to create. You can use things like yarn & fabrics. Maybe you have an eye for decorating and/or architecture, or you can be someone who feels at home with numbers, formulas, & spreadsheets. Everybody’s got their something, though.

10. What would be your ideal workspace? I’d love a room at home with wood floors, lots of natural light, a wide and long table to work at, and a coffee station. It’d be a bonus to have a variety of fabrics, yarns, and DMC embroidery floss with which to work and make whatever I feel inclined to make at any given time.

11. What mode of transportation suits you best? I have a car, but the train suits me better for going into the city. I find that when I drive, I just want to get to my destination, and that doesn’t leave me with a lot of patience. Visiting family and driving the 1.5 hours to get there is when I can drive the way I want to.

For the blogs that I want to nominate for this award, I choose…



Figs & Things

Blog #45

Stitch and Purl


Palindrome Knits

Needles in the Hay

Bunnies and Bettas

Stitch Therapy

Sleepy Owl Studio

The questions I’ve thought of to learn a bit more about those bloggers are:

  1. What is your dream project? The one thing that you want to complete no matter how long it takes?
  2. With whom would you want to collaborate on any sort of project?
  3. What’s the reason for your blog name? Why did you begin blogging?
  4. What meal can you make with no recipe, hands tied behind your back, one eye open (you get the idea)?
  5. What world city do you feel is your true home?
  6. Describe a time when blogging/crafting helped you through a stressful time in your life.
  7. Name something that you wish you could do or something that doesn’t come easy, and admire others for being able to do so?
  8. What are you reading right now?
  9. What movie’s lines can you recite by heart?
  10. If your life were a movie/album, what would it be named?
  11. At what point in your life were you the most impressed with yourself & your creativity?

I can’t wait to read the answers!



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