Getting my rhythm back

There hasn’t been too much knitting going on since S made her debut last month, but I’m working on finishing adult-sized sweaters again. The last month has been a quick period of broken sleep, multiple diaper/wardrobe changes, and tiptoe-ing around while she sleeps, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The tiny hands & feet, the nuzzling, and the funny faces more than make up for it. The last few months, strangers would come up to me at work and tell me to count my quiet days or to enjoy freedom while it lasted. It was like having a baby was some sort of moratorium on living, for goodness sake. I don’t feel half as much of the agony and misery that other parents have warned me of; maybe their kids are just horrible, who knows? She’s a pretty relaxed baby, and she has some fussy moments, but I just go with it.

While she sleeps, I manage to eat, bathe, and even knit a bit. Matt’s sweater is at a standstill right now. I was using Ann Budd’s sweater pattern book to make something that would have the best for him, but with an infant around, my ability to focus on measurement & math is rusty. I might just knit one of the sweaters in my Ravelry queue like Timberline…

That is a handsome sweater. The cabling is beautiful and the collar is what sold it for me as a design I needed to make at some point. For myself, I’ve been slowly gaining progress with White Pine.

I looked in my library and realized I have about 6 patterns from Amy Christoffers. I enjoyed knitting Acer and knew I’d be making more sweaters of hers. White Pine’s cable pattern is easily memorized and works as an Olympics-watching project.


I’m using Patons Classic Wool, which seems to be spun a bit tighter than Cascade 220, a somewhat comparable yarn. This gives me hope that my sweater won’t pill as much as some items I’ve made from Cascade in the past. For now, I’m just enjoying the rhythm of knitting regularly again, even if it is between blowouts and bottles.


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