Hollis Baby Blanket

The Hollis Blanket is finished!


Once carpal tunnel syndrome seemed to leave me alone, my knitting speed and bulky yarn’s quick-knit properties worked together and I got it done in no time. I feel a lot better knowing that once the baby comes, this will keep her nice and warm if we’re out. I love this yarn, Rowan British Sheep Breeds Chunky. The stitch definition is pretty great and I like the squish factor I get from the finished work. Yes, squish factor is important. I haven’t tried the lighter weights yet, but I’m curious. If you want to knit the pattern, it can be downloaded here!

While I haven’t finished Basil or the crocheted blanket, I did manage to get a couple of receiving blankets finished. I used the Purl Bee’s pattern with a grey chevron print and a hedgehog print.

receiving blankets

I really need to explore online options for fabric more often. Not that Joann Fabrics had a terrible selection, but there’s not a lot of gender neutral choices. Everything seemed to be boy = blue/masculine/mommy’s little slugger while girl = pink/princess/cupcake. This is something that makes my eyeballs hurt. I didn’t play with a lot of dolls when I was younger and would freak out whenever I saw the Barbie aisle in the toy store, so the whole gender norm thing bugs me a bit. A little pink and a little blue is fine, but there are other colors and I’m not talking about yellow or green. 

With Koigu KPM/KPPPM odd bits here and there, I used the same dusty pink color for the edging on the grey blanket that I used for the baby’s bonnet and I plan to use a grey/lavender on the one with the hedgehogs. I think one blanket took a couple of hours tops. Most of the time was spent pressing seams before sewing the edges, but maybe it just felt that way because I hate pressing seams despite it being vital to sewing. Maybe I’ll get a few more finished before the big day, but I think I’m all blanketed out for now!


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