Blanket mania

It’s been blankets and more blankets being made in these parts. M’s grandmother gave me a huge bundle of Lion Brand Pound of Love in aqua for the baby. I haven’t used acrylic in quite some time, but I figured I could get a lot out of just the one ball or I could throw in other colors and make a few more (million) things.

crochet octagons

At first I thought that this yarn has gotten softer or something since I’ve last encountered it, but I think I’m confusing it with my beginner-knitter experiences with Caron One Pound. That stuff will take off your top layer of skin. Oof.

Since I wanted something colorful, I started off by adding pink to the mix, then later on I threw in the white, blue, and yellow. A hexagon blanket was something I’d done before and it works up pretty quickly due to quick memorization of the rounds. I don’t like to make the same thing twice, but I still wanted something pretty mindless to crochet and piece together, so I decided to go with octagons and mini squares. I might not finish this one before the kid comes, but it can be a play mat for her later on I suppose.

The blanket parade didn’t stop there. I knew I wanted the “coming home” blanket to be something warm and squishy, so I took the Rowan British Sheep Breeds in Bluefaced Leicester from my stash, picked a stitch pattern, and got busy.

shb knit blanket2

I recovered most of this from a too-small owls sweater I made a few years ago (which I loved and will consider re-knitting later), and my experience with this is that it’ll definitely be warm and squishy enough. I just have to finish it! Carpal tunnel got the best of my right wrist, but it seems to have subsided so it’s back to work!

Other baby knits I’m working on:

Basil by Courtney Kelley, Kelbourne Woolens Baby Collection

Whit’s Knits: Baby Bonnet from Purl Bee

Laura’s Loop: Infant Mittens also from Purl Bee

Wish me luck that I finish everything in good time!


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