What was I thinking?

NaKniSweMo is over, but I have no sweater to show.

I did get to the armholes on the back of Matt’s sweater, but it’s at a standstill right now. It is for someone who measures larger than the me-sized and baby-sized things I’ve been making, so I knew it wasn’t going to be a quick project, but it still stinks. I wanted to finish before the deadline, but my right wrist has been hit with a bit of carpal tunnel since the beginning of this trimester. There was a “do what you can” strategy employed on the really bad days, but it wasn’t enough to cross the finish line by November 30th. Ah well, there’s always Christmas!

In the meantime, I’ve been making fabric button earrings!


I got the idea from wanting to stock my etsy shop, but the patterns & accessories weren’t really flying outta here with a bum wrist. What to do? What to do? You do what you can! I had a ton of fabric left over from the baby’s quilt and a few other projects, and since another quilt isn’t in my near future, I found a new way to use up the scraps. I’ve been making an extra pair for myself from some of the prints since I like them so much.

Check out the shop and see if there’s something you like for yourself or for someone else!


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