Feet first

Tonight was my first class, Starting Your Own Business, as part of a 3-week course I’m taking. It was informative to say the least. I had a lot of questions and anxiety and I still have questions, but now I have a more focused set of questions and a better direction in which to go to get answers. I had been wanting to design more knitting/crochet patterns after losing my motivation for some time. Recently, cross stitching got thrown into the mix (it’s not necessarily uncommon to be knowledgeable of multiple crafts), so lots of brainstorming is going to happen from this point as far as what I want to really work on.

Leaving the call center in July was the moment when I realized I didn’t want another job where I felt like I had no impact or fulfillment. Yes, whenever people called, I offered them some sort of immediate resolution for their problems, but having people call and complain to you numerous times over the course of 9 months does something to you. “Call Center Rep” is definitely not a job for someone with a history of anxiety issues. I was determined I wasn’t going to carry that level of stress while pregnant nor would I project it onto my child when she’s born. So, I got a part-time job elsewhere and decided to get back to designing.

Apprehension got the best of me at first since it’s been some time since I’ve designed on a regular basis. By regular, I just mean more often than now, but do I lean towards knitting & crochet or cross stitch & embroidery? I do like cross stitching for the scale of projects and the amount of colors that can be incorporated into a piece, but you can’t wear a cross stitched hanging.

So then the questions are: knitting & crochet or cross stitch & embroidery? Do I make finished pieces or do I make patterns? Both? With knitting, this isn’t always feasible, but it might work with cross stitch. I’m still looking into what would be the best approach. If you do any of these crafts, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

It’s a little scary and knowing it’ll take hard work doesn’t escape me, but I feel like I’m making the best decision for my family and that gives me the best peace of mind I’ve had in quite some time.


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