Strike while the iron is hot

Progress is being made on the Baby Partridge vest pattern. I just can’t seem to focus on it as much as I’d like. As this pregnancy gets on, my maximum time for efficiency just gets decimated, man. For those who don’t think “pregnancy brain” is real, bite me. There’s a set number of hours during the day where you feel like a competent individual, then someone in some part of the world rings a bell somewhere and you’re a Netflix-watching sack of flesh who has to pee every 45 minutes.

Some of the lapse in getting this thing done could also be my inability to knit and finish the same thing twice. I didn’t HAVE to knit it again, but really I did. I didn’t want to suppose and theorize about numbers and pattern instructions when they need to be properly written. I got it together and got it done. All that’s left is the ribbing for the neck and armholes, but this is pretty much a done deal. Phew!

Now that the vest is squared away, I can clear out some WIPs. Larch is still pretty much Stockinette City at this point, but another few inches and I should be at the armholes. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you’re knitting 200+ stitches in sport weight, it’s a lot.

I’ve also got a cowl coming, intended for someone else, because I have too many scarves. When someone learns to knit, I feel that scarves are always the first thing they’re told to make. They don’t require a lot of shaping (most times), but the problem is that you can easily wind up with a ton of scarves before you make anything else, or also just when you’re bored. What am I saying? Make a hat. Make mittens. Seriously. If you can knit/purl, you can make things other than a scarf. A rectangle isn’t your only option. Where was I going with this? Right…cowl. Make one.

The Shapely Boyfriend is also partially knit.

I have the yarn it calls for, O-Wool Classic, but I wanted to make mine striped. I’m using some Fishermen’s Wool in Natural and some long-hoarded Noro Silk Garden in 269 since Noro discontinued it a few years ago. They brought it back, but for a while, private messages were being sent on Ravelry from people willing to buy/barter. Lesson? Noro, don’t discontinue one of (if not the only) good neutral colorway you have. Knitters will make noise about it.

I’d made the Treeline cardigan with the same colors basically, but that didn’t quite fit so well, so I ripped it out and waited until I wanted to go for something else. I most likely won’t be able to button anything around my stomach until after this kid’s out (January), but it should be cozy enough anyway. I’m excited because I’m just past the waist shaping, I think. Top-down sweaters always seem to take forever to me just before you get to the waist shaping, so I’m in the home stretch in my mind. Half a torso and two sleeves, but I’m almost done!

Side note: has anyone seen this video? Hilarious.


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