New developments

There have been new developments, indeed, in my world. First off, I’m pregnant with my 1st child! It’s definitely been a different experience, but a good one. It’s changed my diet, my sleep pattern (6 am wake up call), and my tolerance for pain (hello sciatica!). It’s also changed my knitting preferences.

I didn’t knit a lot of baby items before, but now I see so many cute sweater patterns and have others in mind to design. I guess it’s one of those things you don’t notice or get involved in until it’s something that relates to you. The Baby Surprise Jacket was the 1st thing I knit.


It was originally knit for a co-worker a few months ago, but it never got delivered. I decided to keep it just in case I was having a girl. It also helps that I was/am obsessed with this Koigu KPPPM colorway. The pinks, browns, and mauves are all tones I like for a girl without being too saccharine in appearance. The next knit was one of my own, whose pattern was in definite need of revision.


The Baby Partridge Vest was designed to be fitting but stretchy. I wanted to make a vest that would be unisex, and one that would look good in solid, semisolid, or variegated yarns. It does the trick, but the pattern has some errors in print that made me re-knit it to see what was going on. There should be a new pattern, and one for the accompanying Adult Partridge Vest coming soon.


The Larch Cardigan by Amy Christoffers has been languishing on my needles. The stockinette is the perfect thing to knit when my brain just shuts down at night, which happens more often nowadays. I’m almost at the armholes from my measurements, so I should have a sweater to throw on just in time for the cooler weather.

I can’t wait for the season to fully turn. Fall always makes for more blog posts about knits. Spring/Summer is just too warm for me to hunker down and knit with the same fervor I reserve for Fall/Winter. Let’s not forget that the knitting magazine issues are always anticipated and amazing during those seasons.

Well, here’s to fixed patterns, new designs, and a new person to knit and spoil with woolens!


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