Lihtan Socks!

Another pattern I whipped up was published not too long ago, but it’s escaped my mind to blog about it. Adjusting to a new job & my new responsibilities there has been on my mind, so whoops!

Jocelyn from O-Wool asked me if I wanted to do a simple pair of socks for her, an offer I accepted gladly.


The pattern isn’t too fussy or complicated, but there’s enough detail that (hopefully) you won’t get too bored. I seem to have taken the “ain’t nobody got time for that” approach to knitting lately. Don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing patterns with great technical attention paid to them. There’s a Rowan Pattern named Knotty that I adore, but Jesus will need to take the wheel if I ever find myself making knots by twisting stitches held on double-pointed needles around each other numerous times. Beautiful look, but I’d have to love making that sweater more than I do right now to endure all those knots.

Time is an issue for me now since I have a non-knitting-related job. It makes a bit more sense now (but not much, really) when I think of the number of people who would come in to the shop I worked at and say,”Oh you ladies must knit all the time!”. (Umm, no.) Even though I don’t have much time to knit anymore, I don’t necessarily regret it. I have more time to cook/read/go running when I can, and I feel more like I am a person who knits and less like someone whose life has been consumed by the act. The time I do get to spend knitting seems a little more comforting and meaningful when I do get a chance to have at it.

Lihtan 2

Anyway, back to the socks. They’re knit in the Classic 2-Ply which is a soft yet sturdy yarn, qualities that you find in every O-Wool offering. Also, the pattern is slightly ribbed and has two sizes, so the fit range is pretty wide. Take a look, pick a color, and cast on!


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