Knock ’em out

There hasn’t been much needlework going on here since it’s hotter than fish grease in Philly most of the time. That coupled with shifting work times, a lovely vacation to Bethany Beach, and other interests being pursued, and it just doesn’t leave time for much knitting or crocheting. Still I managed to snag some Black Bunny Fibers Heavenly Laceweight in the color Stargazer.

I planned to make the Frost Flowers Stole from Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts 2008, but am having second thoughts. I have wanted to knit Aeolian from Knitty for some time, as well as a few other shawls. I stop dead in my tracks, though, when I think of the 992-stitch cast on that I pulled off for the Frost Flowers Stole. It’d suck big time to do that, have worked a few rows of the pattern only to rip it out to knit something else, then realize that I did want to knit the stole and have to do it again. So it sits in its project bag for now.

While I figure out what I’ll do with that, I’m spending time finishing projects I had on the needles. I knocked out a Purl Beret in Dream In Color’s Smooshy with Cashmere.

The color, Cloud Jungle, is so all over the place that it works for an everyday hat to go with everything. There’s some green, some maouve, some taupe, some dusty lavender, some washed-out denim….you get the idea.

Next up is finishing Warriston by Kate Davies in Rowanspun Aran, Shapely Boyfriend by Stefanie Japel in O-Wool Classic, and Pogona by Stephen West in Malabrigo Sock!


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