Asteraceae Cowl

Not too long ago, Jocelyn gifted me some sweet yarn of hers, O-Wool Legacy Bulky in 4197 Dandelion. I didn’t know what I wanted to make, but I knew the 2-skein amount would definitely make it an accessory.

After a Netflix movie and coffee, I came up with a sweet and simple cowl to just throw on during cooler weather. Jocelyn kept with her self-proclaimed tradition of “naming O-Wool patterns hard-to-pronounce things”, and dubbed it the Asteraceae Cowl!

Legacy Bulky is one of those bulky yarns that doesn’t feel as heavy as you’d think. Dense? Yes. Heavy? Not really. There’s some major squish going on, and when you block it…..oh, it’s wonderful. I loved working with it, and it kind of stinks that it knits up so quickly, but if you want that feeling for a bit longer, try the Classic Worsted or the Classic 2-Ply. You can also read up on organic fiber processing, and peruse the site to see the Legacy Bulky colors, or just look below. I couldn’t help putting them here just to stare at them.

Pick a color, check out Joce’s blog post about the cowl, or go straightaway to Ravelry to download the pattern for your very own cowl!


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